Lullaby Ghazal

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Kaitlin Kan
Kaitlin Kan

Hand of a baby on top of a blanket. data-lightbox='featured'

Ashes of today spilling from my hands Speckle the sky, shadow your hands.

You are the bearer of the darkness where the demons lose sight of their hands.

The scars and bruises dissolve in blindness, now soft alabaster beneath your hands.

A moonless night leaves warmth to touch alone; I find your face within my wandering hands. 

Is that Mahler? or your quiet heartbeat, a chant that, as they fall, catches my hands?

I lose you in the swollen black but find your dewy breath, outstretched hands.

Do not dissolve into the liminal blue, for it is all I have, interlocked hands. 

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