Dog River Kayak

Dog River Kayak

▼   Launch Address

Dog River Park
2459 Dog River Dr N, Mobile, AL 36605

▼   Nearest Emergency Resources (Addresses & Phone #s)

Providence Medical Group
5100 Rangeline Service Rd, Mobile, AL 36619

▼   Evacuation Plan

Always check the weather prior to launching.
If lightning is incoming, turn around and head for the parking lot.
If lightning is imminent seek immediate shelter. Dog River has several access points to pull over and seek shelter. Avoid sheltering under trees.
Crouch on a kayak and cover your head to ground yourself in lightning.
In high wind, stay close to the river's edge.

▼   Environmental Conditions & Concerns

Do not paddle through severe weather, seek shelter. Don’t forget to check the weather before you leave. Look For:

  • lightning
  • winds higher than 6 mph
  • flash flood warnings
  • watch the radar prediction.
▼   Relevant Information

Remember Leave No Trace:

  • Dog River current is very weak. It is an easy paddle whether you head upstream or downstream. Though it might be useful to check the wind direction. (Think of your paddle back.)
  • Dog River has steady motorboat traffic. Try to stay close to the bank. If crossing the river or a channel: gather all members of the group in a straight line (perpendicular to the river); paddle quickly and directly across the channel. Always look both ways, listen for boat motors approaching. Always yield to larger vessels.
  • Dog River Park boat ramp is open, parking varies. Be prepared to carry your kayak to the ramp.
  • Always use sun protection and hydrate.
  • PFD must be on board.
  • Packing List:
    • Dry clothes/towel to keep in the car.
    • Small cooler bag for lunches and drinks.
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
    • Dry bag or ziploc bag.
    • Consider bringing a paper map if you do not want to bring your phone.
▼   Lunch Idea

Veggie Wraps:

  • hummus
  • colby jack
  • cucumber
  • green pepper
  • tomato
  • tortilla
  • mayo
  • chipotle gourmaise sauce (Publix Deli)
  • ziploc bag