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Policy No: 2060
Responsible Office: Police Department
Last Review Date: 01/06/2023
Next Required Review: 01/06/2024

Traffic and Parking Regulations

1. Purpose

The Traffic and Parking Regulations of the University of South Alabama (USA) outlines the regulations and requirements for parking and operating a vehicle on University property. The University reserves the right to change any or all parts of the regulations as needed, with or without notice. All changes to the parking regulations will be posted on the Parking Services website:


2. Applicability

This policy applies to all members of the USA community, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors, who operate motor vehicles on USA property as outlined herein.

3. Definitions

Not applicable 

4. Policy Guidelines

Any person who owns, operates, and/or parks a motor vehicle on University of South Alabama (USA) property must submit fully to all rules and regulations outlined in this document. Students and employees are responsible for any citations issued with their permit displayed regardless of who was operating the vehicle.

All vehicles operated on the USA campus must be properly registered with Parking Services and display a current USA parking permit; twenty-four (24) hours a day, and seven (7) days a week. Secondary vehicles parked on campus must also be added to the driver’s current parking permit. Parking Services is not responsible for incorrect information provided to drivers from other departments or individuals.

Parking Services is located in the Beta/Gamma Commons building (USAPD), 290 Jaguar Blvd. The entrance for Parking Services is located on the South side of the building. Office hours are 7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday. Many parking transactions and inquiries, including permits, vehicle registration, citation payments and appeals, etc. may be found online at

Visitors (individuals not affiliated with the University) must obtain an official visitor parking pass from Parking Services. The pass must be displayed from the rear-view mirror with front of pass facing outward. The pass number must be clearly visible. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for providing information to their guests regarding parking on campus and may be held responsible for citations issued to visiting family members or friends.

The speed limit on campus roadways is 20/25 MPH (as posted) and 15 MPH in parking areas. Pedestrians and persons riding bicycles on campus will comply with Title 32 of the Alabama Code. For additional details, see USA’s Traffic and Parking Regulations (Section 7 of this policy).

5. Procedures

See USA’s Traffic and Parking Regulations (Section 7 of this policy)

6. Enforcement

Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for knowing the regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles at USA as outlined in this publication. Anyone operating a vehicle in violation of the University parking policy will be held responsible for any such violation. Failure to comply may result in university disciplinary action, fines, vehicle immobilization or impounding of vehicle.

7. Related Documents

USA’s Traffic and Parking Regulations

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