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Policy No: 2034
Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Last Review Date: 05/12/2022
Next Required Review: 05/12/2027

Community Reservation

1. Purpose

Community Reservation Policy was created to set guidelines for non-USA persons and/or groups to lease space at the University.

2. Applicability

This Policy applies to all University Divisions as well as any individual or group who is not faculty, staff, student or student organization that wishes to lease space on any University property for an event. 

3. Definitions

Not Applicable. 

4. Policy Guidelines

In order to lease event space at the University of South Alabama, Non-USA person(s) or group(s) must secure formal sponsorship for that activity from an active, recognized University of South Alabama student organization or a University of South Alabama academic or administrative department. The documentation required by the University from the non-USA group or individuals can be found at: The Non-USA groups or individuals are responsible for any applicable usage fees, personnel fees and insurance coverage, as well as the cost of any public safety staffing which is deemed necessary at any time by USA.

Any University of South Alabama student organization or University of South Alabama department participating as a sponsor of the Non-USA event must have no less than one (1) authorized representative present for the duration of the event. Additionally, the sponsoring department or group will be held responsible for any unpaid costs or property damage associated with the event.

This policy must be read in conjunction with all other University of South Alabama policies governing same, including but not limited to the policy entitled Use of University Space, Facilities, and Grounds, the link to which is: Use of University Space, Facilities, and Grounds Policy in the Lowdown.

The Mitchell Center is a venue and does not fall under this policy. Some facilities may have additional reservation policies. For information on reservation policies for the Mitchell Center, see the link below in section 7 under “Related Documents”.

5. Procedures

Not Applicable. 

6. Enforcement

These regulations shall be administered and enforced by the Dean of Students or other University officials as designated. Visitors to the campus and all others violating these regulations regarding time, place, manner of speeches and demonstrations will be subject to immediate eviction or removal from campus by appropriate University agents or officials and may be subject to legal or University disciplinary action. Students and student organizations operating in violation of these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Persons, agencies or organizations wishing to appeal a decision based upon these regulations may file a written appeal with the Vice President for Student Affairs within three working days of the decision. The decision of the Vice President for Student Affairs regarding the appeal will be rendered within three working days of receipt of the appeal and is final.

7. Related Documents

7.1  Mitchell Center Events

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