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Policy No: 2023
Responsible Office: Business Office
Last Review Date: 02/10/2022
Next Required Review: 02/10/2027


1. Purpose

The primary purpose of the (USA) Purchasing Policy is to provide guidance to faculty and staff in identifying, selecting, and acquiring needed materials and services. This is to be done as economically as possible and within accepted standards of quality and service using professional ethics and best business practices, and while obtaining the best value for the total cost while minimizing risk to USA.

2. Applicability

This policy applies to all USA faculty and staff who are responsible for purchasing goods and services for their respective departments and divisions (USA Health has a separate purchasing department and policies).

3. Definitions

See section 7 (link to Purchasing Manual)

4. Policy Guidelines

Following the USA Purchasing Policy will ensure that all purchases of goods and services adhere to USA guidelines and the Alabama Competitive Bid Law.

5. Procedures

See section 7 (link to Purchasing Manual)

6. Enforcement

The USA Purchasing Department, under the direction of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, is tasked with ensuring the Purchasing policies, as well as the requirements of the Alabama Competitive Bid Law, are strictly adhered to. 

7. Related Documents

7.1  Purchasing Manual 

7.2  Purchasing Department Website