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Policy No: 2004
Responsible Office: Marketing and Communications
Last Review Date: 09/29/2021
Next Required Review: 09/29/2026

Brand Guidelines

1. Purpose

Every day, thousands of people see marketing and communications materials from the University of South Alabama: business cards, correspondence, brochures, admissions materials, reports, magazines, websites, presentations, event invitations, posters, forms and applications, building and vehicle signs, apparel and gift items. Each and every one of these items represents the University of South Alabama, forms people’s long-lasting attitudes and opinions about the University, and affects their actions – whether an excellent prospective student chooses us, whether a world-class scholar decides to join the faculty, whether a foundation awards a major grant, or whether a donor funds a facility or endows a scholarship. Consistently applying our brand, visual identity and style differentiates the University of South Alabama from other organizations and expresses the University’s unique qualities in a way that creates a clear, positive and memorable impression.

2. Applicability

This Policy applies to all members of the USA community, both the University General Division, and USA Health, including employees, student workers, graduate assistants, volunteers and contractors, etc.

3. Definitions

See section 7.

4. Policy Guidelines

Following these guidelines for a consistent approach to marketing and communications will enhance the visibility and reputation of USA. Consistency in the messages, content and design of our marketing materials provides a recognizable and memorable presence for the University in the minds of the people and organizations with whom we seek to communicate.

The USA Brand Guidelines:

4.1 The USA Brand Guidelines are a toolkit. The guidelines are not designed to inhibit creativity or expression. Rather, the guidelines are meant to provide a solid and standardized foundation upon which all USA departments, programs and units can build their marketing and communications plans and materials. Following these brand guidelines will help the University of South Alabama present its messages in a manner that people will both respect and remember.

4.2 These guidelines govern the appropriate use of the USA Brand messages, logo, colors and typefaces. They explain how to apply these guidelines to print materials, websites, signage, stationery and other materials. If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at

4.3 The guidelines are designed to be a reference book, in which users can turn directly to the relevant chapter. You may access the guidelines by downloading a PDF copy of the Brand Guidelines (see section 7), or, ordering a spiral bound, full-color copy of the Brand Guidelines from USA Publication Services.

5. Procedures

See section 7.

6. Enforcement

The Marketing and Communications Division is responsible for this policy, which was approved by President Tony Waldrop in a March 24, 2016 email to the University: "The USA Brand will be incorporated into every aspect of USA's marketing and communications, which will help us effectively and consistently spread the word that South is an outstanding university. A critical component of our ability to communicate and strengthen our brand is your use of the brand guidelines developed by the USA Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee and published on the web at USA Brand. I have endorsed these guidelines as University policy and ask that you all become familiar with how to implement them in your communications."

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