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Policy No: 2083
Responsible Office: Marketing and Communications
Last Review Date: 02/10/2022
Next Required Review: 02/10/2025

Mass Email System

1. Purpose

This policy addresses the appropriate and permitted uses of the University’s Mass Email (Daily Digest) system.

2. Applicability

This Policy applies to all employees and students in the University General Division and USA Health.

3. Definitions

Daily Digest: The daily summary of all messages approved for distribution. University mass email messages are distributed once each weekday evening through the Daily Digest.

Mass Email System: The web-based system through which employees, students, departments and offices may communicate announcements related to the official business of the University. The Office of Marketing and Communications reviews and distributes all mass emails submitted during regular business hours

Official Business: For the purpose of utilization of the Mass Email System, University of South Alabama official business is defined as information about University-sanctioned events, programs, academic initiatives, administrative reports, calendars or schedules, policies, and registered student organization recruitment and event announcements.

4. Policy Guidelines

4.1  Approved Users

The only approved users of the USA Mass Email system are University of South Alabama faculty, staff and students who have been issued an official University email account. This includes @jagmail, @southalabama, and @health accounts. Emails from any other accounts will not be accepted.

4.2  Approved Content

4.2.1  The mass email system is intended only for messages from USA employees and students that contain information about University-sanctioned and/or sponsored events, programs, academic or student life initiatives, calendars or schedules, administrative reports and announcements, policies, and registered student organization recruitment and event announcements.

4.2.2  The mass email system may not be used for messages sent by or on behalf of external individuals, organizations or groups, and the system may not be used to promote non-University organizations, businesses, events or initiatives.

4.2.3  The mass email system is designed to inform the USA community about important news, and may not be used to distribute individual or group opinions, editorials, letters or commentaries.

4.2.4  The mass email system may not be used to distribute press releases, media announcements or other media materials. Individual groups may distribute such announcements independently to the media or may contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to request that an official University press release be produced by the University’s media relations team.

4.2.5  Surveys may be sent through the mass email system upon the approval of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Mass emails that include surveys must first be submitted for review and approval to the USA Office of Institutional Effectiveness. You will be notified when a survey has been approved. A copy of the approval must be emailed to prior to message submission.

4.2.6  Graphics and photos may not be sent through the USA Mass Email System.

4.2.7  Links to websites, social media sites or other URLs contained in mass emails should direct to a University of South Alabama website or approved social media account. Links to any external sites require an exception request emailed to with a rationale for allowing an external link in the message. Such requests will be approved at the sole discretion of the Office of Marketing and Communications. The individuals or offices sending the external link bear all responsibility and liability for external content.

4.3 Message Limitation

4.3.1  In order to provide fair access and attention to all announcements and information, there is a two-message limit on any content or announcement, even if the messages originate from different senders. The two-message limit is designed to keep each day’s digest to a reasonable and readable size.

4.3.2  The only exceptions to the two-message limit will be for emergent weather situations, campus emergency situations, vital health and safety information, or upon request by the University president or vice presidents.

5. Procedures

5.1  Users of the mass email system are responsible for reading and understanding the guidelines and procedures for use of the system, which are outlined on the FAQ in the USA Mass Email System Dashboard and on the website.

5.2  All emails submitted to the mass email system are reviewed by the Office of Marketing and Communications for content, accuracy and clarity. Messages with content that is not consistent with 4.2 above, errors or missing information will be returned to the sender for correction or will be rejected. The sender will be notified of the needed corrections or the reason(s) for the rejection.

6. Enforcement

The Office of Marketing and Communications has been delegated authority by the President of the University to exercise discretion over approval of messages submitted to the email system. Failure to comply with the requirements of this policy will result in rejection of the proposed message.

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