FAQ Key Management

▼   What is Key Management?
Key Management is the process of administering and managing key access to help provide a safe and secure environment for all faculty, staff, and students at the University of South Alabama.
▼   How do I make a Key Request?
To request building keys, the employee should download and complete the Key Request Form which is located on the Key Management website. The Key Request Form must be approved by the appropriate Department Head, Dean and/or Vice President before the request can be processed.
▼   What if I need more than one key?
Per the University's Key Policy, only one key is allowed for each employee. Requests for multiple copies of the same key will not be granted.
▼   Where do I go to pick up my key?

The key will be released only to the key recipient. Facilities Maintenance Lock Shop will notify the employee when the key is ready for pickup. Employees will go to Facilities Storeroom for pickup. The employee must provide a USA photo I.D. or driver’s license. Keys will not be issued by mail. Keys will be held for pick up for five (5) business days, after which a new request must be initiated.

▼   How do I report a lost/stolen key?

Lost keys must be reported to Facilities Maintenance Lock Shop immediately. A Key Request Form must be completed by the designated individual in your area.

The key holder will be responsible for the cost of a reissued key. The cost of a new key may include any additional changes made to other locks which uses the same key. (See page 6 for Fee Schedule). The cost of rekeying sensitive (i.e. chemical storage rooms, research labs, etc.) areas due to lost/stolen keys will be estimated and charged to the key holder and/or become the responsibility of the department.

Employees may pay for lost keys by going to Student Accounting.  A copy of the payment receipt must accompany the Key Request Form.

▼   Where do I go return my key?

All keys must be returned to Facilities Maintenance Lock Shop when an employee transfers to another department or leaves University employment. Reissuing keys internally within a department is not permitted. (Refer to the Separation Checklist for Employees and the Separation Checklist for Management).

▼   Who do I contact if I’m locked outside my office?

You must notify your Dean or Department Head for access to enter into the building. Neither the University Police Department nor the University Security Systems Technician/Locksmith are allowed to grant access to individuals locked out of their office/building.

▼   Can I make a duplicate key?

All keys referred to in this policy are the property of the University and are not to be duplicated by anyone other than the Facilities Maintenance Lock Shop. Duplication of a key, or the possession of an unauthorized duplicate, may result in disciplinary action.