University General Campus Closure FAQs

▼   How do I record missed time due to the office closing during limited operations?
You will enter those hours on PAWS directly into the Other Admin Leave-Closing category. This WILL NOT be entered into OTHER and then moved by the supervisor. Please know that OTHER is an unpaid code and any time left in that category will not be paid.
▼   I am an hourly employee. What if I work a partial day in the office or at home, if approved by my supervisor?
You would record both Regular hours worked time and Other Admin Leave-Closing for that day. For example, if you work 2 hours, whether on campus or at home, on a day during the limited on-campus Operations, then you would record both Regular for 2 hours and Other Admin Leave-Closing for 6 hours.
▼   I am a salaried employee. What if I work a partial day in the office or at home, if approved by my supervisor?
Since you are salaried, if you work, whether in the office or at home, the entire day will be considered a work day and nothing should be recorded on your time sheet for that day.
▼   My supervisor asked me to come on a certain day, but I was unable to report to work because I was sick.
You would record sick time for the time you were scheduled to work and missed due to your illness.
▼   I am out on approved leave. How should I record my time during closures?
You will continue to record your leave time as vacation, sick, FML vacation, FML sick, military leave, unpaid time, or unpaid FML.
▼   I am a temporary employee. How will I record my time missed due to office closures?
Temporary employees do not qualify for Administrative Leave and will only record hours worked.
▼   I worked 12 hours on Monday and 12 hours on Tuesday and then had 8 hours of Admin Leave on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. How do I record my overtime?

You cannot use administrative leave to give you overtime.  Admin Leave should only be used to make you whole for the week based your FTE.  If you are a full-time employee, you would only use Other Admin Leave-Closing to bring you up to 40 hours for the week.  In this example: The employee would record 24 hours of regular pay and 16 hours of Other Admin Leave-Closing.

▼   I am a federal work study student approved through the Office of Financial Aid. Will I continue to get paid?

As advised from the Office of Financial Aid: If you were in a federal work study position prior to March 9, 2020, you can continue to be paid based on your regular work schedule. You will still be required to complete a time sheet in PAWS and have it approved by your supervisor. Please review the payroll calendar for deadlines.