Panopto with person looking at tv screen.

Panopto Digital Video Recording

Panopto is a video capture and management tool available to faculty, staff, and students at USA, and it is the primary application for creating and posting video content in USAonline. Users can record presentations that capture camera and/or desktop applications (including PowerPoint presentations), and later share them through embedded lessons, or as links. Panopto has a rich feature-set that includes editing, automatic captions, multi-angle sources, quizzing, student discussions, notes,etc. Instructors can even create assignment folders that allow students to produce and submit their own video-based assignments.

Panopto is available as a tool in USAonline that instructors and organizers add to their course or project site. We strongly recommend users review the ILC’s How-to Guides prior to using this tool.

Learn more about Panopto

You can access How-to Guides for faculty and students in the drop down menu below. Faculty can learn more about Panopto and view updated content by joining the Panopto Training Course.