For Faculty

The Office of Undergraduate Research is here to support faculty with research and connecting with students.


▼   Financial Support
Suggestions for financial support from OUR can be found here.
▼   Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research opportunities can now be added to Handshake to allow interested students apply:

  • Faculty post your opportunity in Handshake
    • Complete the registration process using this link.
    • Once the registration is approved, follow the Handshake instructions for Employers to add the opportunity.
  • Complete the Job Posting form for the OUR office to post the opportunity in Handshake for you.
▼   Mentoring Tools
  • CUR website provides some insights on mentoring
  • A Mentor/Mentee Agreement (template) is not required but it is a great way to clearly provide your expectations to the student.


Ten Salient Practices for Undergraduate Research Mentors

Shanahan, Ackley-Holbrook, Hall, Stewart & Walkington (2015)

  1. Engage in Strategic Pre-Planning
  2. Set Clear and Well-Scaffolded Expectations
  3. Teach Technical Skills, Methods and Techniques
  4. Balance Rigorous Expectations with Emotional Support and Appropriate Personal Interest in Students
  5. Build Community Among Members of the Team
  6. Dedicate Time to One-On-One, Hands-On Mentoring
  7. Increase Student Ownership Over Time
  8. Support Students' Professional Development through Networking and Explaining Norms of the Discipline
  9. Create Intentional Opportunities for Peers and NearPeers to Learn Mentoring Skills
  10. Encourage and Guide Students through the Dissemination of their Findings