UGR Course Description

The Undergraduate Research (UGR) courses will officially record students’ research experiences and mentorship in their academic records.  This acknowledges the scholarly research project as part of the educational experience and professional preparation.  UGR courses will appear on the student transcript and as zero-credit-hour, pass/fail classes.  The mentorship effort will also be recorded in the faculty teaching record.

How does it work?

Faculty who engage in mentorship of undergraduate researchers will have assigned section of UGR courses at all undergraduate course levels.  These courses will be UGR 191, UGR 291, UGR 391, and UGR 491.  The different levels will facilitate the Office of Undergraduate Research’s tracking of student researchers throughout the curriculum.  Each faculty mentor’s UGR sections will have a name that broadly describes the area of research.  Since these are zero-credit-hour courses, student responsibilities and time commitments will be at the discretion of the mentor.


Faculty must request that the UGR sections be created for their research projects.  They will be asked to provide a brief name for the courses that generally describes their research.  Students will not be able to enroll in those courses without permission of the mentor, which will be verified by the OUR.

Faculty UGR Course Request


Students will submit a request to the OUR enroll in a faculty mentor’s course.  The OUR will contact the faculty mentor to obtain approval prior to entering the student permission.

Student UGR Course Request