Minor in Public Health

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The Minor in Public Health

The Public Health Minor offers students interested in public health and other health professional fields a foundational knowledge of key concepts, real-world applications, and modern challenges related to public health. The minor provides a foundation for understanding key determinants associated with health and disease on a population level while focusing on critical issues such as health disparities and inequities. Students in the public health minor will gain knowledge of public and global health, healthcare systems, epidemiology, statistical analysis, and social and environmental factors that affect public health. A minor in public health equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to embark upon a range of opportunities including pursuing a graduate program in the field or joining the public health workforce, which encompasses scientific research, public and/or global health, health education, emergency preparedness, laboratory science, bioinformatics, IT development and implementation, and community outreach and engagement among other options. For students endeavoring in other healthcare professional roles, this minor enables them to incorporate an invaluable public health perspective in whatever career they pursue. A minor in Biomedical Sciences, requires 18 total credit hours, of which 9 must be completed in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Degree Requirements

Courses 18 Credit Hours
Introduction to Public Health - BMD 1xx 3 hours
Stat Reason and Application - ST 210
Applied Stat Health Sciences - ST 305
3 hours
Global Health (W) - BMD 351 3 hours
Epidemiology - BMD 441 3 hours
Health Disparities Across the Life Span - SY 435 3 hours
BMD Electives 3 hours


Electives (3 hours)

BLY 333 or PHL 333: Biomedical Ethics (3 hours) OR BMD 493: Ethical Issues in Health (3 hours)
BMD 494: Directed Studies (3 hours)
EH 404: Grant Proposal Writing (3 hours)
HI 410: Health Informatics (3 hours)
HS 475: Public Health (3 hours)
KIN 263: Intro to Nutrition (3 hours)
PHL 220: Medical Reasoning (3 hours)
PSY 480: Health Psychology (3 hours)
PSY 460: Mental Health and Law (3 hours)
SY 372: Social Gerontology - W (3 hours)
PSC 585: Health Policy (3 hours)*per graduate course policy

Contact Information

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