General Education and Minor in Biology Requirements

"The multitrack curriculum can prepare students for graduate study, pre-health professional fields (such as medicine or dentistry), marine biology, or environmental science."

General Education Requirements for Biology Majors

Areas I, II, and III of the General Education Requirements for Biology are specified in the university bulletin (College of Arts and Sciences section).

Note that Area IV requirements (Mathematics and natural Sciences) are fulfilled by the major requirements specified in Major Requirements page.

Requirements for A Minor In Biology

Twenty-five semester hours of biology are required, including:

  1. BLY 121, BLY 121L, BLY 122, BLY 122L, (General Biology) 
  2. BLY 301, BLY 302, and BLY303 [please note that CH131 is a prerequisite for these three classes]
  3. Four hours in upper level laboratory courses taken in the Biology department at the University of South Alabama.

Credit will not be allowed for both the non-major (BLY101, BLY101L and BLY102, BLY102L) and the major/minor sequence (BLY121, BLY121L and BLY122, BLY122L).