Master of Arts in English Funding Opportunities


In addition to the option of seeking funding through the University of South Alabama Financial Aid office, graduate students in English are encouraged to apply for scholarship and assistantship funding. For more information about applying to specific departmental scholarships designated for graduate students, visit the English department graduate scholarships page.  Students can also view College of Arts and Sciences scholarships offered through the university.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

If you are a graduate student or are considering a graduate degree in English, the Department of English encourages you to apply for a Graduate Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship. Graduate Assistants (GAs) do not need prior coursework in English. The duties of GAs vary but usually involve one-on-one tutoring in the Writing Center. GAs receive tuition remission and a salary. Teaching Assistants (TAs) must have 18 hours of graduate coursework in English, since they teach college-level writing courses. TAs receive tuition remission, a salary, office space, and individual guidance on teaching composition. Normally, an assistantship can be renewed for a maximum of two years depending on department needs in terms of GAs and TAs.

Students who are (or will be) enrolled in the English graduate program with regular status (not probationary) by August 15 are eligible for a Graduate Assistantship. Complete applications for the next academic year are due by March 15. To apply, follow the steps below, but see these information sheets for details about the two types of assistantships:

▼   How to Apply for a Graduate Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship

To apply for a Graduate Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship, you should:

  1. Submit a CV and a cover letter indicating whether you are applying for just a Graduate Assistantship, for just a Teaching Assistantship, or for either (if the latter, indicate your preference). In addition, indicate the semester when you plan to graduate with an MA.

  2. Submit an analytical writing sample (preferably from an upper-division or graduate-level English course).

  3. Complete the standard USA form for an assistantship. The assistantship form also requires applicants to submit other materials: transcripts (official or unofficial) and three letters of recommendation (email or hard copy submission of signed letter). You can find the Graduate Assistantship Application Form here.

To apply for a Teaching Assistantship, you should also:

  1. Write a one- to two-page explanation of your interest in being a TA and what you have to offer composition students.

  2. Ask individuals who write the three letters of recommendation (see Step 3 above) to address your potential as a composition teacher.

Send all application materials to Dr. John Halbrooks, Department of English (application materials should be sent by email as a PDF; recommendation letters are also accepted in hard copy).  NOTE: Applications for admission to the graduate program must go through our admissions system; only GA and TA applications go to Dr. Halbrooks.

For information about being a GA, contact Dr. John Halbrooks. For information about being a TA, contact Dr. Patrick Shaw.