Coleman Headshot

Bob Coleman | University of South Alabama 

American literature, digital humanities, modernism, southern literature, and cultural studies.

(251) 460-7391  |  eterhorst@southalabama.edu

Editorial Board

Cash Headshot

Jean Cash | James Madison University

Larry Brown, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, William Styron, Southern literature in  general. 

Cookn Headshot

Sylvia Jenkins Cook |  University of Missouri in St. Louis

Southern literature; working class literature and literacy; the centrality of cotton to the economic, social, and mental life of the US; slavery; industrialization; fashion/dress studies

Edwins  Headshot

Jo Angela Edwins |Francis Marion University

20th-century American literature, film, and popular music.

khan Headshot

Zoya Khan | University of South Alabama 

Specializes in US Hispanic literatures, Latin American and Andean literature and culture. Webmaster of the SiAC site. 

Andrew B. Leiter

Andrew B. Leiter | Lycoming College

Southern literature (intersections of African American and white modernists) and Southern film, and Faulkner studies

Marks Headshot

Patricia Marks | Valdosta State University 

19th-century American literature, satire, cultural studies, drama and transatlantic studies.

Christine McDonald Headshot

Christina McDonald |  Virginia Military Institute 

Historical and contemporary rhetoric, literacy studies, scientific discourse, rhetoric of medicine, and digital communication.

Mitchell Headshot

Verner Mitchell | University of Memphis

African-American literature, particularly women writers of the Harlem Renaissance. He is currently working on two projects, one on Zora Neale Hurston, and a second on the actress and social activist Rose McClendon.

Edmundo Paz Soldán

Edmundo Paz Soldán | Cornell University

Author and expert on Latin American Literature, US Hispanic literatures, creative writing 

Roberts Headshot

Robin Roberts | University of Arkansas

Popular culture, women’s and gender studies, science fiction, and music and literary studies.

Dawn Skorczewski

Dawn Skorczewski | Brandeis University

Holocaust Education, Teaching of Writing, Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature, Trauma and Literature, Twentieth-Century Poetry, Confessional Poetry, 19th and 20th Century Studies, Pedagogy.

Masami Sugimori

Masami Sugimori | Florida Gulf Coast University 

American literature, modernism, African-American literature, literature of racial passing, and Faulkner Studies.

Caren Town

Caren Town | Georgia Southern University

American literature, young adult literature, literature by women, and film.

Trout Headshot

Steven Trout | University of South Alabama

Specializes in literary modernism, war literature, and American cultural studies.

Laura Savu Walker

Laura Savu Walker | Columbia College, South Carolina

American literature, critical theory, and cultural studies.