Contests and Scholarships

Note: Students interested in scholarships should visit the web page of Scholarship Services, where all scholarships are administered and where additional scholarships can be found (for instance, the John M. Compton Scholarship for first generation college students is open to Mathematics and Statistics majors).


We have several undergraduate scholarships that are awarded each year in the Spring semester to rising junior and senior students:

The Victorino S. Blanco Memorial Scholarship
$750 to the rising senior Mathematics and Statistics major with the highest GPA.
The Chris Nash Scholarship
$500 to the Mathematics and Statistics major with the highest score in the Annual Math competition.
The Sushila Mishra Memorial Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship
$750 to a Mathematics and Statistics major, who has completed at least 21 hours of Mathematics and Statistics credits, nominated by the Mathematics and Statistics faculty.
Department Scholarship in Mathematics and Statistics
$1500 to a Mathematics and Statistics major.


The Annual Math Competition
This competition is held each Spring semester in April. All undergraduates are invited to participate. Several prizes are awarded, including the Chris Nash scholarship for Mathematics and Statistics majors.
The Mobile Math Olympiad
This competition is for high school students and is held in conjunction with the Math Circle in March. The winners are treated to an all expense paid trip to Colorado for the Math Olympiad at the end of April.
The Alabama Statewide Mathematics Contest
This is another high school mathematics contest that we host in February. It consists of three separate competitions: Algebra II with Trigonometry, Geometry, and Comprehensive, with both individual and team categories.
The Putnam Exam
The William Lowell Putnam Competition is the math contest for undergraduates in North America. It is held each year on the first Saturday in December. Its questions are so challenging that the median score is often zero. Achieving a positive score is generally deemed to be a major accomplishment worthy of inclusion on any graduate school application. Prizes and scholarships are awarded to the top scoring individuals and teams. 
Mathematical Puzzle Programs (MaPP)
MaPP's puzzle hunts are designed to challenge teams' problem-solving abilities while solving puzzles and finding clues across South's campus. No advanced mathematical background is required, so these are fun mathematical opportunities for both proficient and less-experienced secondary mathematics students. More information may be found at or by emailing Prof. Steven Clontz at