Native American in colorful native apparel with sky in background.

Native American Studies Program

What the Native American Studies Program is About

The Native American Studies Program is a meeting ground for scholars, students,  and thinkers committed to broadening our understanding of Native peoples and providing community for those with a like interest. We strive to foster meaningful engagement with the economic, social, and political conditions of Native American life on campus and beyond, as well as seek to build a vibrant community of inquiry and innovation at the University of South Alabama.

We welcome student interest and involvement! Please contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Mission Statement

The Native American Studies Program demonstrates the University of South Alabama's core value of diversity and global perspective through  building a community of individuals with an interest in the cultures, history, and contemporary life of Indigenous Peoples and Nations of North America. The program works to demonstrate the relevance of American Indian perspectives to contemporary economic, political, and social issues locally and around the world. As an academic unit, we administer courses pertinent to Native American Studies open to all students at the University and seek to make knowledge of American Native Indian Nations available to the citizens of Alabama and beyond through discovery and outreach.