Philosophy Department Scholarships

Scholarships in the USA Philosophy Department 

Annually the Department of Philosophy presents eight scholarships in recognition of academic achievement by philosophy students. These scholarships are:

  • The Charles R. McGlothren Jr. Scholarship, given by Mr. Michael McGlothren, a graduate in philosophy, in memory of his brother for $1,000. 
  • Two Pinebrook Scholarships, given by Mr. Julian Marx, $1,000 each 
  • Five Julien and Jean Marx Scholarships, also given by Mr. Marx, one for $3,000, three for $2,000, and one for $1,000

Students eligible for these scholarships will have or expect to have after Spring semester:

  1. Declared as a Philosophy major;
  2. Attained at least a 3.5 GPA, and; 
  3. Completed the freshman year.

Previous recipients of a Scholarship may receive it again.
 For the McGlothren Scholarship only, a person may not hold both it and an athletic scholarship.

To apply for the scholarships provide a simple written notification to the Chair of the Philosophy Department, HUMB 124, saying that you wish to be considered. Applications will be received during April of each year.

A faculty committee will review the applications in terms of the three criteria mentioned above. It can also consider the difficulty of the courses a person has taken, as well as extracurricular and outside study activities. Financial aid is not a factor in the review. The committee will obtain Spring semester transcripts for its review. If you would like the committee to know about any activities or achievements not reflected in your transcript, please inform us either in your application note or by attaching your resume to it.

The committee will select and announce the recipients of the scholarships no later than August 15.
Contact the Department Chair if you have questions or need further information.