Brian William Fouty, M.D.

Brian William Fouty, M.D.Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology

M.D.: University of Washington Medical School, Seattle
Post-doctoral: University of Arizona Health Sciences Center and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Phone: (251) 460-7218 

Research Interests

The adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and acute lung injury (ALI) remain important clinical problems with mortality ranging from 30% to 50%. Recovery from ALI/ARDS requires repair of the disrupted capillary endothelial-alveolar epithelial barrier in the pulmonary microcirculation before proper gas exchange can be re-established.  Research in our lab examines the role of glucose and hypoxia in pulmonary vascular repair in vitro and in an animal model of acute lung injury in vivo.

Representative Publications

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