Addictions Nursing Care Post-Graduate Certificate Subspecialty

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Subspecialties are specialty areas not considered primary areas of advanced practice nursing. Students in all programs can add these subspecialties.

The Addictions Nursing post-graduate certificate offers didactic and clinical courses to prepare advance practice nursing students who are trained, certified, and engaged in addictions nursing practice in communities on a local, regional, and national level. The program provides didactic and clinical education in addictions nursing science along with clinical skills simulation and practicum experiences specific to addictions using an innovative format designed to encourage further exploration in addictions nursing topics including opioid use disorder (OUD)/substance use disorder (SUD) prevention, treatment, and recovery in integrated health care and telehealth settings.


▼   Curriculum
  • HSC580 Opioid/Substance Use Disorders Prevention and Screening in Integrated Health Care and Telehealth - 2 credit hours         
  • HSC581 Opioid/Substance Use Disorders Assessment and Treatment in Integrated Health Care and Telehealth - 2 credit hours
  • HSC582 Opioid/Substance Use Disorders Recovery/Systems-Oriented Practice in Integrated Hlth Care/Telehealth - 2 credit hours          
  • NU510 Addictions Practicum I - 1 credit hour            
  • NU511 Addictions Practicum II - 2 credit hours
  • NU512 Addictions Practicum III - 2 credit hours
  • NU 513 Addictions Practicum IV – 4 credit hours (Elective)

**NU513 is an optional course designed to meet the educational requirements for Certified Addictions Registered Nurse Advanced Practice (CARN-AP) Certification.

For more information regarding the CARN-AP please see their website

▼   Clinical Orientation
  • Students in the Addictions Nursing subspecialty are required to attend a mandatory on-campus skills intensive held at the USA College of Nursing. The mandatory Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI) includes skills workshops and simulation labs.

    Addictions Nursing Clinical Skills Intensives Dates for students the subspecialty:

    • Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI): TBA
▼   Subspecialty Admissions

Students currently in a graduate program may add a subspecialty to their current schedule without applying for admission to that subspecialty. Students should contact their advisor for assistance with a new curriculum schedule.

Prospective students who only want to return to complete a Post Graduate Certificate subspecialty are required to contact the graduate advisor for the MSN program and complete the appropriate admission requirements.


For more information about this subspecialty, please contact Dr. Kimberly A. Williams, coordinator, at or Dr. Kathleen McCoy, co-coordinator at

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