The Dissertation is a significant body of work that represents the culmination of the student’s research efforts that resulted in the awarded doctoral degree. Below is a list of the doctoral dissertations produced by the USA Ph.D. students.

  1. Craig Browning. Seeing the Big Picture: System Architecture Trends in Endoscopy and LED-Based Hyperspectral Subsystem Integration. August 2022. Chair: Dr. Craig Leavesley.

  2. Bhushan Lohar. Development of New Space Systems Architecture in SysML using Model-Based Pattern Language. July 2022. Chair: Dr. Robert Cloutier.

  3. Ifuezo Obiako.  Toward a Bio-Inspired System Architecting Framework: simulation of the Integration of Autonomous Bus Fleets & Alternative Fuel Infrastructure in Closed Sociotechnical Environments. May 2022. Chair: Dr. Robert Cloutier.
  4. Mina Karimaghaei. A Novel Boundary Integral Formulation for Quantum Energy Eigenvalue Analysis and its Application in a Model-Based Systems Engineering Framework for Quantum Systems Development. May 2022. Chair: Dr. Anh-Vu Phan.
  5. Ana Luiza Silveira. System-Level Statistical Analysis of Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy’s Influence on the US Power System Resilience to Extreme Natural Events. December 2020. Chair: Dr. Henry Lester.
  6. Garland Pennison. Assessing Coastal Road Reliability Using Celerity Dispersion Functions. November 2020. Chair: Dr. Bret Webb.
  7. Bikash Ranabhat. Magnetic Compaction Force Assisted Additive Manufacturing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites and System Architecture Investigation using System Modeling Language (SysML). December 2020. Chair: Dr. KT Hsiao.
  8. .John (Tom) Wade. An Engineered System for Suppression of Large-Scale Wildfires. August 2020. Chair: Dr. Henry Lester.
  9. Sebastian Kirmse. Towards the Commercialization of a Carbon Fiber Composite Reinforced with Carbon Nanofiber Z-Threads Utilizing a Hybrid Lean LaunchPad / Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach. October 2019. Chair: Dr. KT Hsiao.
  10. Sam Mayes. Improving Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Through Systems Engineering. September 2018. Chair: Dr. Silas Leavesley.
  11. Cody Salter. Towards Early Lifecycle Prediction of System Reliability. July 2018. Chair: Dr. Robert Cloutier.
  12. Meagan Bunge. The Application of Systems Engineering to Functionalize Fabrics at the Nanoscale. July 2018. Chair: Dr. Grant Glover.
  13. Jacob Deal. A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Pt-CeOx/Al2O3 Catalysts: The Effect of Production Pathway.  July 2018. Chair: Dr. Christie West.
  14. Barbara Turrens. Toward Systems Complexity in Modern Shipbuilding. May 2018. Chair: Dr. Robert Cloutier.
  15. Kari Lippert. Toward the Evolution of Information Digital Ecosystems. May 2018. Chair: Dr. Robert Cloutier.
  16. Mattias Colomb. Scalable Hydrodynamic Model for the Hydrochlorination Reaction and Experimental Verification on a Pilot-Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor. April 2016. Chair: Dr. Nicholas Sylvester.