Financial Assistance for Graduate Students


Almost every graduate program at the University of South Alabama offers a limited number of Graduate Assistantships. The assistantships include a stipend plus course credit hour cost (courses which count for the degree sought only) for in-state, out-of-state, and international students. The number of credit hours covered by semester are dependent on the program in which the student is enrolled.   Graduate assistants are expected to perform up to 20 hours a week of education related duties such as assisting in teaching or research. More information on Graduate Assistantships may be found here.

Financial Aid

Graduate students are frequently eligible for financial aid and are subject to similar financial policies as undergraduates. Click here for more financial aid information.

Fulbright Awards and Opportunities

Other Financial Assistance

Graduate students may apply for a variety of university or national scholarships as well.

Graduate students can also check out ideas for funding graduate school from the MoneyGeek site or the Novoresume site which detail scholarships and resources offered on a national basis.

Each year, ETS provides scholarships as a way of creating college access for disadvantaged students and recognizing academic achievement. These scholarships directly impact undergraduate and graduate students based on the criteria they represent.

Some part-time graduate students may qualify for tuition reimbursement from their employer.

In many cases, graduate education may qualify for a tax deduction. Consultation with your tax advisor is recommended.

Contact us at the Graduate School if you have any additional questions.


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