Master of Business Administration

MBA grads in cap and gowns.

About Our MBA Program

The Master of Business Administration program at the Mitchell College of Business has been designed to suit the needs of individuals with business and non-business degrees. 

  • Flexible 30-credit-hour program
  • 12- or 24- month program options
  • Elective options allow students to tailor their curriculum to suit specific needs and interests. 
  • Experiential Learning environment solves real-world problems.
  • Competitive value in terms of time, cost and individual fit.

Those students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business are required to successfully complete preparation courses.  If you have any doubt about whether you need to take these preparation courses, please contact us at or (251) 460-6418.  This is the link for additional information on the preparation materials MBA Prerequisite Course Material.

The MBA program now includes a concentration in healthcare leadership. The Healthcare Leadership curriculum coupled with a contemporary approach to traditional business issues will provide the knowledge and tools necessary to not only compete but excel in the changing healthcare industry. 

Why a Master of Business Administration?

An Master of Business Administration degree is a management degree that will help you acquire the skills needed to:

  • Advance your career 
  • Develop better management skills
  • Build a professional network
  • The expertise you learn in the MBA program will increase your ability to gain a competitive advantage and next level credibility amongst your peers and companies.

The MBA program provides a broad range of skills in several areas of business including Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and decision making.  The program at the Mitchell College of Business emphasizes this latter skill; ultimately, it is your ability to make decisions that makes the difference to you and your organization.