Immigration and International Admissions

Immigration - Scholar Forms
Guide to Hiring A Foreign National Scholar (PDF)
Application for Visiting International Scholar or International Student (PDF)
Export Control Questionnaire
 H-1B Scholar Application Packet (PDF)
Information Update Form (PDF)
J-1 and Dependent Insurance Requirements (PDF)
J-1 Scholar Application Packet (PDF)
J-1 Scholar Extension Form (PDF)
J-1 Scholar Request Form (PDF)
J-1 Scholar Transfer-Out Request (PDF)
J-1 Scholar SEVIS Transfer In Request (PDF)
J-2 Dependent Employment Authorization Application (PDF)
New Scholar Checklist (PDF)
O-1 Packet (PDF)
Obtaining a J-1 Visa (PDF)
Permanent Residency Internal Approval Packet (PDF)
Scholar Request Form (PDF)
Visiting Scholar/Scientist Agreement
Non-Sponsored Foreign National Hire Information
Immigration -  Student Forms
Affidavit of Support for Degree Students (PDF)
F-1 Student Application for Issuance of I-20 (PDF)
Change of Address (PDF)
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Application (PDF)
Clinical Hours Policy and Application (PDF)
Extension of Stay for F-1 Degree-Seeking Students (PDF)
I-20 Request Form (PDF)
I-94 Fact Sheet (PDF)
Invitation Letter Template (PDF)
J-1 Exchange Student Academic Training Application (PDF)
J-1 Exchange Student Affidavit of Support (PDF)
J-1 Exchange Student Application Packet (PDF)
J-1 and Dependent Insurance Requirements (PDF)

Obtaining a J-1 Visa (PDF)

J-1 Travel Notice

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application (PDF)
Orientation Information Form
Reduced Course Load Application (PDF)
Request for Withdrawal Form (PDF)
STEM OPT Extension Application (PDF)
SEVIS Transfer In Form (PDF)

Transfer Out/SEVIS Release Clearance Form (PDF)

F-1 and Dependent Insurance Requirements (PDF)

General Forms
Travel Notice Form (PDF)
F-2 and J-2 Dependent Request Form (PDF)
DMV SSA Request Form (PDF)
Tuberculosis and Immunization Form - International and ESL Students (PDF)
University Site Visit Protocol (PDF)