Mission and Policy



Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance



Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance is to encourage a safe environment for faculty, staff, students and others by setting standards, monitoring for compliance, providing technical or support service and offering safety education

Policy of Safety and Environmental Compliance

This policy is instituted and based on the University of South Alabama's commitment to a comprehensive Safety and Environmental Compliance program. The University strives to assure a safe environment for its faculty, staff, students and others who may work at any of the University's properties. In support of this policy the University will give high priority, appropriate support, and take proactive actions to eliminate hazards where possible, or to reduce to acceptable limits, environmental and occupational hazards.

The primary responsibility for the University's safety and environmental compliance rests with the President. The President has delegated to each vice president, dean, director, chairperson, and supervisor the responsibility for safety within their respective areas. Every employee will be expected to take initiatives so that safe conditions are maintained, and to request the assistance of the Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance to expedite corrective action when necessary. Each supervisor must take the initiative to train the employees and students under his/her supervision in safe work practices. In particular, supervisors should ensure that employees and students know (a) all potentially hazardous conditions associated with the operation and the method established to control them and (b) all safety regulations for the area of operation. In addition, supervisors are expected to promote a safety attitude and awareness that will lead employees and students to take a safe course when confronted with situations which are not clearly established by regulations and practices.

Faculty, staff and students have an obligation to take all reasonable precautions to prevent injury to themselves or to their fellow employees, visitors, patients and/or students. They are expected to learn and to follow approved policy and procedures which apply to their activities, and to check with their supervisors when they have any concerns regarding potential hazards.

The President has delegated to the Director of Safety and Environmental Compliance the responsibility and authority for assuring overall compliance with applicable safety and environmental standards university wide. The Director shall adopt as guides applicable safety and environmental standards promulgated by Federal and State agencies in establishing University regulations and policy. Published standards of nationally recognized professional safety and environmental compliance groups may serve as guidelines in the absence of appropriate statutes and governmental regulations. The Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance is responsible for working with and through academic and service units by identifying and assisting in resolving safety and environmental problems, recommending standards, evaluating and reporting on the status of compliance with standards, providing technical and support services, recommending necessary changes, documenting, analyzing and reporting accident rates, and developing training resources.

In emergency situations and when required to do so by regulation, code, or agreement, the Director of Safety and Environmental Compliance or his/her representative, in consultation with the appropriate Dean or Director, may require the immediate halt or suspension of practices or conditions that have been determined to constitute a substantial risk of death or serious harm to others or the environment. Such actions may be appealed to the President who will make the final determination as to whether the practices or conditions may be reinstated.

The University Safety and Environmental Compliance Committee serves as a referral group for all advisory and administrative committees related to the matter of Safety and Environmental Compliance and shall review and recommend changes in University policies pertaining to Safety and Environmental issues.


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