Community Offices

Student worker sitting at desk handing key to student.
Each residential community has an office to help students with day to day life. The offices are open 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday. There is also a staff member available or 'On Duty' to assist with emergencies at any time. Visit your Community Office with an questions about maintenance, room changes, if locked out of your room, or other concerns.
Map Community Office Location Phone Number
1 Azalea Hall Office
(serves Azalea & Delta 3)
Azalea Hall 1st Floor Main Lobby (251) 460-7926
2 Beta & Gamma Community Office Beta/Gamma Commons (side entrance) (251) 460-6465
3 Camellia Hall Office
(serves Camellia & Delta 5)
Camellia Hall 1st Floor Main Lobby (251) 460-7943
4 Epsilon Community Office
(serves Epsilon 1-2 & Delta 6)
Epsilon 1 (lobby) (251) 460-7870


Stokes Hall Office
(serves Stokes, Delta 4, & Fraternity &
Sorority Housing)

Stokes Hall 1st Floor Main Lobby

(251) 460-7921


USA Central House on Stadium Community
(USA Housing emergency on-call number for
USA Central House residents)

USA Housing Office

(251) 341-4663
8AM-5PM, M-F only.
Contact RA directly after hours.

Community Office Locations Map