University Strategic Planning Committee Activities

The University Committee on Planning, Assessment and Finance was established to:
  • Lead development of the University’s strategic plan in years where a new plan is needed.
  • Periodically review the University’s strategic plan for currency and relevance.
  • Review the University’s Scorecard (and other data as requested by the committee chair) and consider input from the University Assessment Advisory Committee so as to make informed, evidence-based recommendations regarding the continued appropriateness of the University’s Strategic Plan goals and objectives to the Board of Trustees and the University’s leadership. 


2015-2016 Strategic Planning Activities
2015 UCPAF Appointment
UCPAF Minutes - November 3, 2015
UCPAF Minutes - September 8, 2015
Student Success and Access Presentation
Enhancement of Research and Graduate Education Presentation
Global Engagement Presentation
University-Community Engagement Presentation
Assessment Data Presentation

Click here for the version of the plan approved by the UCPAF.

2020-2021 Strategic Planning Activities 
2020-2021 University of South Alabama Strategic Plan