Asian Studies

Image of Asian scene in the mountain.



Recent decades have seen a rapid rise in the economic, cultural, and political influence of Asian nations. The Asian Studies concentration of the International Studies major offers University of South Alabama students the knowledge and skills needed to understand and successfully navigate this increasingly central part of the world.

The Asian Studies concentration of the International Studies major combines training in East Asian languages (Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean), with Asian history, philosophy, geography political science and culture. Our students learn how the long historical and philosophical development of Asia informs its current social, political and economic climate. In the process, they enrich their ability to work in competitive professional fields, and broaden their own personal horizons.

In addition to their traditional academic training, Asian Studies students are, like all International Studies majors, supported with numerous study abroad opportunities. Students have recently traveled to Korea, Japan and China, where they had the chance to develop their linguistic and cultural skills, as well as to form personal connections in Asia. 

Requirements for the Asian Studies Concentration:

  • Four semesters of an Asian language
  • History 104: History of Asian Civilization II
  • History 367: Modern China, HY 368: Japan, or HY 461: Studies in Asian History
  • Philosophy 354: Philosophies of India or PHL 355: Chinese Philosophy
  • Political Science 368: Politics of South Asia
  • 9 hours of Asian Studies electives