• Two fraternity members at a table outside the Student Center,
  • Sorority members at event on intramural field.
  • Two students at Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Students at event in front of BCA Partners backdrop.
  • Three students in Student Center Ballroom at the event Hot Take on the Hijab.
  • Students outside of the student center holding trash bags.
  • Students on balcony outside of the Student Center,
  • Students at baseball game holding bats.


The Multicultural Leadership Center is comprised of 8 student organizations and our primary goal is to ensure the lasting success of the organization and it's students. Please see a brief summary of each of our student groups below.

▼   Abeneefoo Kuo Honor Society (ABK)

This African American Honor Society consists of students who have shown outstanding abilities in academics, leadership, and service with a 3.0 or better GPA. Induction into ABK takes place every spring semester. You can contact ABK by emailing them at


Advisor contact:
Dominic Barnett

▼   Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is one of the most well-known and most influential student organizations on USA’s campus. The organization was designed to be a strong supportive structure not only for African Americans but for all students on campus. BSU provides in-depth learning experiences of Black History and opportunities for students to excel in academics and leadership positions. Contact BSU by email at Also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @usa_bsu.

Advisor contact:
Jaylon Beck

▼   Collegiate 100 (C100)

The organization was chartered at the University of South Alabama Fall 2014. The sole purpose of this organization is to ensure, encourage, and motivate African American men at USA to establish and use leadership skills. Members of the C100 will assist the local 100 Black Men Chapter with its programming initiatives that support the development of social, emotional, and physical needs of youth positive role models. Contact C100 by email Also follow them on Instagram @collegiate100_usa and on Twitter @C100_USA.


Advisor contact:
Dr. Micheal Mitchell

▼   Muslim Student Association (MSA) 

The Muslim Student Association at the University of South Alabama is dedicated to giving an accurate representation of what Islam is. Our MSA members work together to organize fun events with the purpose of clearing up common misconceptions, and starting important conversations that show that Islam is a religion of peace, unity, understanding, and faith in God. We strongly believe that the only way to create understanding and acceptance between each other is through honest, open-minded conversations. In the past we have hosted large Eid dinners, panel discussions, fundraisers, and social events - and we are looking forward to doing so much more!


Advisor contact:
Dr. Husam Omar


▼   National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The mission of the National Society of Black Engineers is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers. We are here to help you see that there are more people like you successfully studying engineering. We strive to not only be an organization that helps you academically, but a family and network you can depend on even when you graduate. You can contact NSBE be emailing them at




▼   South Alabama Collegiate Chapter of NAACP  


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in 1909. Since then over thousands of chapters have been opened statewide. In 2014 South Alabama NAACP Chapter was established. We are a community service-based organization whose duties are to the protect the rights of all citizens and promote equality among the African American community. Contact NAACP by email at Also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @Naacp_southal.


Advisor Contact:
Kimberly Pettway

▼   Spectrum

Spectrum is a student-run, community-based organization open to persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions for the education and support of the LGBTQ+ university community in the areas of activism and/or confidential support. We proudly represent individuality, diversity, and equality. We offer a safe-space to freely socialize and discuss issues affecting our lives, attempting to educate the university and community at large on matters of discrimination, harassment, and human rights. Contact Spectrum by email at Also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @USASpectrum.


Advisor contact:
Jan Santos

▼   Women of Excellence (WOX)

The program began March of 2006. The sole purpose of this organization is to ensure, encourage, and motivate women at USA to establish and use leadership skills. The program focuses on class scheduling, career opportunities, etiquette, and student involvement on campus. to become a member of WOX an individual must have a minimum GPA of a 2.8 and at least 15 credit hours.


Advisor contact:
Maygan Williams