Curriculum Changes

Curriculum Action Forms

Curriculum Action Forms are used to establish a new course, revise an existing course, or inactivate a course. The following fields can be changed with an approved Curriculum Action Form:

  • Course Description
  • Credit hours
  • Repeatability
  • Course Restrictions
  • Pre-requisites and Co-requisites
  • Course level
  • Course Attributes
  • Grade Mode
  • Schedule Type/Instructional Method
  • Equivalent Courses

Academic Program Request Forms

Academic Program Request Forms are used to add a new program or make changes to an existing program including majors, minors, and/or concentrations.

For additional information related to Curriculum Action Forms and/or Academic Program Request Forms, please contact Academic Affairs,, or 251-460-6261. All curriculum change requests must be approved by Academic Affairs.


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Revised 11/30/2021