Office of Student Conduct


Our Vision

The Office of Student Conduct is designed to promote, manage, and maintain a safe and thriving campus community conducive to academic excellence.  University policies and standards are balanced with the educational development of its individual students by strengthening the concepts of social justice, global consciousness and citizenship, proper decision making, conflict management and resolution, restoration, civility, respect for self and others, accountability, integrity, and ethical development. 

What We Do

The Office of Student Conduct, along with the University Disciplinary Committee (UDC), is tasked with providing effective, efficient, fair, and consistent due process procedures; investigating allegations of misconduct; adjudicating cases; resolving non-academic disciplinary matters; and, when necessary, imposing sanctions for violations of the Code of Student Conduct published in The Lowdown.

We Value

  • Transparency
  • Equity
  • Fairness
  • Consistency
  • Individual Student Rights

For Assistance
(251) 461-1893
Student Center, Room 112


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