Alabama Bill HB123

Following the passage of Alabama Bill HB123 in August 2022, public schools now require parental consent for students under 14 years of age to receive mental health services. These services include:

  • Assessments/surveys: includes questionnaires provided to students related to social behaviors, feelings, etc.
  • Crisis intervention: short term, immediate assistance by school counselor or professional for a specific situation.
  • School based mental health: on going counseling services by school professionals or private practitioners in the school setting.

Further information regarding these services and materials are available upon request from the school. Parents can rescind this permission at any time. Parents do not have to consent to all three types of mental health services, rather they can choose any or all services they would like their child/children to have access to. If a parent does not fill out this survey AND/OR does not agree for their child to receive services listed, their child will NOT have access to mental health services through their institution.

In order to participate in SOAR as a possible randomly selected student, please consent to the services and sign your name as the parent or guardian of the student at the following link


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