Emergency Communications

USA leadership is committed to informing the University in a timely manner during emergencies and other situations that have the potential to disrupt normal operations.

Employees and students should not rely on news media reports for information on schedules or campus closures, but should consult the official USA information sources listed below.

In the event of severe weather or other emergent situations affecting the University, and depending on the circumstances of the specific situation, information may be released through the following communications channels:

University Public Address System. In an emergency, outdoor speakers on the main campus may be activated and used to broadcast messages to the community.

USA Mass Notification System. USA Police and the Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance can distribute mass communications through phone call, email and text message. To ensure receipt of these messages, students and employees should be sure their contact information in the PAWS system is up to date. In addition, USA Police can distribute information through the free LiveSafe app.

USA Emergency Hotline. Updates will be posted to the emergency hotline at (251) 460-6999.

USA Email: Employees and students should check their email for updates from USA Police and the Office of Marketing and Communications.

USA Website: Information about ongoing emergency and weather situations will be posted to the USA website homepage, with updates on campus schedules and closures. If the USA Alert system is activated, a banner will be posted at the top of all website pages.

For more information and a copy of the USA Emergency Response Plan, please visit the Safety and Environmental Compliance website.