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“Se vouloir libre, c’est aussi vouloir les autres libres” Simone de Beauvoir

In addition to 16 hours of core courses common to all Foreign Languages, students choosing the French concentration will take 33 credit hours of French classes, which will include LG 111, LG 112, LG 211, LG 212. LG 311, LG 312,  LG 314, LG 326, LG 327, LG 412, LG 415, LG 416, or LG 492, and nine credit hours  to be fulfilled by study abroad courses. Below is a suggested four-year plan to complete a French major at USA. However, in order to establish an academic plan best suited to your situation, please make an appointment with a French faculty member in the Foreign Languages Department. 

 French Courses
LG 111 (Introductory French I) Fall semester of Year 1
LG 112 (Introductory French I)    Spring semester of Year 1
LG 211 (Intermediate French I) Fall Semester of Year 2
LG 212 (Intermediate French II)  Spring Semester of Year 2
LG 326 (Advanced French Grammar and Composition) Fall Semester of Year 3
LG 327 (Advanced French Composition and Conversation) Spring semester of Year 3
Study Abroad ( 3 300+ courses for a total of 9 credits) Summer semester of Year 3*
LG 311 or 312 Fall Semester of Year 4
LG 311 or 312 or 314 or 412 or 415 or 416 or 492 Spring semester of Year 4

 * Although students generally study abroad during the summer term, it is also possible to study abroad for an entire full semester taking up to 15 credit hours of coursework at the host institution abroad. 

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