Language Placement Information

Students with prior language experience (from high school, the military, or through other means) should complete a placement test. 

Students who place out of the first-semester of language study will earn retroactive credit for the level skipped when they pass the course into which they were placed with a C or better.  Students can earn up to 9 credits for completing a single 3-credit hour course and advance more quickly in their language mastery. 


  • The placement test is available for French, German, and Spanish. For placement in other languages, please contact:
  • The cost is $20, but you can save money by placing out of any level of a language.
  • No credit is awarded for the placement test itself. 
  • Placing into and completing a second or third semester course is an opportunity to save money, receive credit, and complete requirements early.
  • If a student has no prior experience with the language, there is no need to take a placement test. Enroll in the first semester of the first-year sequence.

Step-by-step Instructions for Language Placement Testing

Click here to access the assessment. Please be sure to select USA.
Select the correct language from the three options.
Pay via credit/debit card. Note: This is a third-party company. Please contact the online store with any payment questions/issues.
Send a copy of your e-receipt to with “Language Placement Exam” as the subject line to receive a test code. Send the email from your JagMail account and include your legal name and J# in the body of the email. The assessment coordinator in our department will respond within 72 hours.
The assessment coordinator will send you detailed instructions and a testing code. This is good for a one-time testing instance and you will not receive a refund for any reason. You will have 72 hours to complete the assessment.
Results will be sent to the assessment coordinator within 3-5 business days. 
The assessment coordinator will email your results and suggested course in which to enroll. 
You will be given any necessary overrides and you may then register for the proper course. Contact us at or 251-460-6291 with questions or concerns.