Department of Psychology

Proposal for Intern
During the summer, the Comparative Cognition and Communication Laboratory
(C3POlab) in the Department of Psychology will be designing new programs for the
coming school year. These programs will require considerable organization and
planning and I believe an intern would help fulfill office needs.
An intern will:
● Be an active part of program design as a professional staff member.
● Lead, assist, and mentor student workers and maintain their schedule.
● Assist with running any summer projects
● Be supervisor for animal care for the crabs in the lab
● Be a part of data analysis and writeup for the projects we are completing in the
● Complete at least one unique project.
Our lab prioritizes professional development and education and would appreciate the
opportunity to work with and learn from an intern. The hiring and training for an intern
would require a substantial commitment from our team, but we believe the benefits will
be well worth it.
The intern will commit to being a part of the C3POlab for at least 20 hours per week
over the summer semester with a continuation of commitment until the projects s(he) is
a part of through the publication process.
● $1,200 to be paid over 4 weeks

Below is a draft of the potential job description for our posting:
During the summer, the Comparative Cognition and Communication Laboratory
(C3POlab) in the Department of Psychology will be designing new programs for the
coming school year. The lab is seeking an intern to assist with the considerable
organization and planning necessary for success.
Job Description: The primary function of the lab’s intern is to assist with logistics,
operation, assessment, student activities. The intern will gain exposure to planning and
developing our student assistant programs, as well as extended research and publication
experience. The intern, alongside the Director and graduate students and post-docs, will
collaborate with off-campus data collection facilities to plan projects for the 2024-2025
school year. The intern will have the opportunity to assist with data analysis and writeup
for research projects.

Responsibilities: The 2024 Intern for the Comparative Cognition and
Communication Laboratory (C3POlab) in the Department of Psychology is responsible
for assisting with the design of recruitment and orientation materials for new, incoming
students. The student will be responsible for maintaining a database on student hours of
engagement in the lab and in partnership with the Director, postdocs, and graduate
students the intern will engage with off-site research partners and participate in data
analysis and the research publication process:
● developing policies, schedules, and plans for students and research projects for
the fall
● managing weekly meetings, operations, and delegating tasks
● assisting with the development, production and distribution of orientation
communications/outreach and social media efforts
● regular and prompt attendance with the ability to work schedule as defined and
additional hours and duties as required
Professional Development: As part of our commitment to the intern’s professional
development, in addition to general duties and responsibilities, the intern will:
1. communicate and network with research partners in regards to various projects
2. work closely with the lab members and individuals across the university to ensure
research projects are planned and scheduled for the fall
3. complete one unique project aligned with their goals and program needs. Project
will be determined collaboratively between intern and office leadership.
4. attend lab meetings and other meetings to observe and learn with the Director.
5. assist with program assessments, quality assurance checks, and data collection
efforts to support continuous improvement.
6. conduct assessments of their performance and overall programming.
1. Must exhibit exceptional presentation (oral), communication (written), and
organizational skills.
2. Must be able to use technology to provide service, produce documents,
send/receive information, and obtain data in a timely and effective manner.
3. Knowledge and experience with behavioral and psychological research methods
and data analysis is strongly preferred.
4. Experience working in a post-secondary setting with new or prospective students.
5. Ability to lift and carry materials up to 50 lbs.
1. Undergraduate, post-graduate, or graduate student from an accredited
institution as approved and accepted by the University of South Alabama.
2. Possession of a valid driver’s license and maintenance of a driving record
sufficient to maintain coverage under the University of South Alabama.

3. Able to work 20+ hours weekly for at least 4 weeks
Preferred Dates: May 5, 2024 – June 1, 2024
Compensation: 1,200 paid over 4 weeks