Dr. Kelly Byrd

Dr. Kelly Byrd


B.S., Mathematics, Florida State University, 1993
M.A.T., Mathematics, University of Florida, 1995

Teaching Philosophy

My experience as a Senior Instructor at the University of South Alabama has awarded me many opportunities to teach a wide variety of classes. I have encountered students ranging from mathematics majors, to those completing mathematics for general education requirements, to those pursuing a teaching career at the elementary or secondary level. I set high expectations for all of my students, and provide experiences and support they need to attain those expectations.

My enthusiasm for the subject, as well as the teaching profession, is evident from the first day I walk into a classroom. My approach to teaching is like a key that starts the ignition to a car, but allows the students to drive. Igniting the fire in my students for teaching and learning, especially mathematics, is always a goal for me. I want my students to become confident in their ability to do mathematics. I want them to become confident in their ability to teach mathematics. I call my elementary education majors “mathematics teachers” because they are.

Since I began teaching in the College of Education, I am often called upon to conduct workshops for all levels of mathematics teachers based on my teaching ability and knowledge of the field. I visit classrooms frequently to remain knowledgeable about teaching mathematics in the public schools of today. If I am striving to share best practices with my students, I also have to know that it is possible for these innovative ideas to find their place in our structured curriculum.

In all that I teach, I am constantly seeking professional development opportunities to make me a more effective teacher and mentor to my students. My door is always open to them, and they know I truly care about them as students and as individuals. I want them to succeed, and I will do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals.


My research interests lie in working with preservice teachers and their knowledge of, beliefs about, and confidence in teaching mathematics and STEM integrated lessons. I am also interested in mathematical content knowledge for teaching in middle school, as well as elementary school inservice teachers.


I am a Doctoral student of Mathematics Education at the University of South Alabama. My research will inform new course development in the K-6 Teacher Education program. Partnering with Dr. Elizabeth Allison, we are in the early stages of researching and developing a fully integrated mathematics and science elementary methods course. As an Academic Advisor in the K-6 Teacher Education Program, I mentor and advise elementary preservice teachers after they enter candidacy through the completion of their degree. As an Arts in Integration Mathematics Consultant, I conduct workshops for and serve as a mentor for elementary teachers to encourage art integration in the mathematics classroom. At the university level, I have served on the Faculty Senate, serving as a voice for Instructors.


I am originally from Eufaula, Alabama. I moved to Mobile, AL in 1996, where I began my career at USA. I taught mathematics courses in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and am currently teaching mathematics methods for the K-6 Teacher Education program, as well as supervising preservice teachers in the field. I have two beautiful children, Mackenzie and Brannon. We love being anywhere near the water. I also enjoy running and playing tennis with my kids.


EDU 335 - Teaching Mathematics - W

EDU 303 - Field Experience – SPE

EDU 345 - Field Experience

EDU 430 - K-6 Internship

EDU 495 - K-6 Internship SPE

SED 454 - Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools

SED 470 - Student Teaching in the N-12 Program