The USA Percussion Studio aims to provide percussionists the ability to study on all standard classical percussion instruments, as well as several instruments commonly used from World music cultures in Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.  Below are several pictures of our practice and rehearsal facilities and the equipment found in each space.

Instrument Inventory
Three 5-octave Marimbas  Two Rosewood 4.3-octave Marimbas
Two Acoustalon 4.3-octave Marimbas  One Acoustalon 4.5-octave Marimba 
Two 4-octave Vibraphones    Three 3-octave Vibraphones
Two Rosewood 3.5-octave Xylophone  Two Kelon 3.5-octave Xylophones
Two 3.3-octave Glockenspiels  One 2.5-octave Glockenspiel
Two 1.5-octave Chimes  One 2-octave Crotales
Various 6"-16" Tom-Toms Various 3"-6.5" deep Snare Drums
Two 14" Field Drums

Three sets of Timpani (5 drums each)

Various Afro-Cuban Instruments Various Brazilian Instruments
Various African Instruments Two Irish Bodhrans
Full set of Steel Drums  Three 5-piece Drum Sets 
Assorted varieties of Suspended Cymbals Assorted varieties of Hand Crash Cymbals
Extensive variety of Accessories Assorted varieties of Drum Set Cymbals 
Extensive assortment of Hardware Extensive varieties of special Sound Effects


Main Percussion Storage Room

Main Percussion Storage Room 1

Main Percussion Storage Room 3

Main Percussion Storage Room 2

Main Percussion Storage Room 4


Studio Office

Studio Office

Rehearsal Hall

Large Ensemble Rehearsal Hall


Drum Set/Vibraphone Practice Room

Drum Set/Vibraphone Percussion Practice Room