Dependent Hours

Kids sitting on rolling seat pulling rope in gym.

Dependent members age 15 and under may only use the facility during certain dependent hours:

  • During Fall and Spring semesters, children age 15 and under may only use the Student Recreation Center on Fridays after 3:00pm and all Saturday/Sunday open hours. Please see our hours of operation and available facilities based on age.
  • Additional hours for dependents age 15 and under will be added during Summer semester and during the Holiday/Winter Break. See our hours of operation for these extra hours. 

As defined by the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness, for the purpose of accessing the Student Recreation Center, a dependent status exists anywhere there is a parent or legal guardian/child relationship. The member will be asked to provide evidence that this relationship exists at the time s/he completes the dependent waiver form.

All children who use the SRC must have a membership. The parent member can choose to purchase a year-round membership or a summer/holiday pass only for a dependent.