Cyber Risk Team

The University of South Alabama's Cyber Risk Team (CRT) was formed to review and enhance the University’s information security programs that protects the University’s systems, services and data against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage and loss. CRT is committed to engaging the University community to establish an appropriate information security governance structure that enables collaboration and support for new information security initiatives.

CRT is composed of a diverse team of University staff from various departments.

Report an Incident

The Computer Services Center (CSC) handles complaints of abuse or misuse of University computing resources.  To report Information Security incidents or concerns please contact:  CSC Help Desk by calling (251) 460-6161 or Emailing:  Please be sure to provide as much information about the complaint as possible including but not limited to: dates, times, attacking and attacked IP address, email internet header information and audit/security logs on the incident. Please do NOT include any confidential data or information that would personally identify individuals. Contact the help desk first for guidance in handling such information.

Report all threats to persons or property immediately by calling the Campus Police at (251) 460-6312 or during an emergency dial 911.