Microsoft Office: For Faculty, Staff and Students!


The University's Microsoft contract provides Microsoft Office licenses for use on all Faculty, Staff and Student devices.  This includes Microsoft Office Professional for University-owned devices and Microsoft Office 365 for personal devices.

Review the options below to find the version that is right for you.


▼   Microsoft Office for University-owned devices (Faculty and Staff Only)

Office Professional is ONLY available for University-owned devices. University IT departments can provide the most comprehensive support for this version of Microsoft Office. Please contact your college or department's IT support, to install Microsoft Office Professional for your University-owned device,  Non-Academic and Non-Health Systems users should contact the Computer Services Center at 251-460-6161.

▼   Microsoft Office 365 for Personal devices (Students, Faculty and Staff) 

Our Students get Microsoft Office at no cost. (No, Really.)  Get it todayNote:  Office 365 is free but dedicated for personal use only.  If you are an employee and would like to install Office on your University-owned device, please see  "Microsoft Office for University-owned devices" explained above.

Office 365 can be installed on multiple personal devices free of charge for all employees and enrolled students.  This includes Windows, Mac's and mobile devices.  The Microsoft Office website refers to "I'm a student" and "I'm a teacher." Faculty and staff should identify as "I'm a teacher" when signing up.


Click here to get your free version of Office 365.