Accepting Aid Offers in PAWS

Follow the steps below to accept or decline your federal aid offers in PAWS:
1. Go to and select 'PAWS'.
2. Log in (if prompted) using your JagNet credentials.
3. Click on 'Student Services and Financial Aid'.
4. Click on 'Financial Aid'.
5. Select the applicable aid year from the drop down menu near the top of the page.
6. Click on 'Award Offer'.
PLUS Loans (Parent and Graduate) will remain in an offered status until the application has been received from If you have federal aid in an offered status other than PLUS Loans, you must take action on the offer by continuing with the steps listed below:
7. Federal financial aid funds other than Pell Grants and PLUS Loans must be accepted or declined. You may accept a partial amount by selecting 'Modify' and indicating the amount.
8. Click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.
9. Review and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions of the aid by checking 'I acknowledge these Terms and Conditions'. If you do not accept, your federal aid WILL NOT DISBURSE.
10. Click 'Accept Award'.
11. After you accept your offer(s), select the Home tab to confirm if you have any remaining 'Unsatisfied Requirements'.


  • Any amounts accepted will be divided evenly among the terms included in your offer. All aid in offered status will be withdrawn if not accepted within 30 days.
  • Any educational assistance (scholarships, third party payments, etc.) received aside from federal aid may result in an adjustment to your federal aid eligibility.
  • The College Financing Plan, which includes your Cost of Attendance (COA) along with other information, can be viewed by selecting  the 'College Financing Plan' tab.   
  • Please note that your COA is an estimate and is not your bill.
  • Check PAWS and your JagMail on a regular basis for updates and changes so that you will be aware of the regulations and your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.
  • All federal aid is subject to congressional allocations and sequester and can be reduced or canceled due to lack of federal appropriations.