Your First Day

▼   Required Form I-9 - Process for All Employees

Any employee with a one-day break in service must complete a new I-9.

All new employees (new or with any break in service) are federally required to complete a government Form I-9 and present acceptable documents as evidence of identity and employment authorization, per the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

The Form I-9 is to be completed with Human Resources for all new faculty, staff, administrative, and student employees, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The Form I-9 may be completed only when there is an unconditional offer of employment which has been accepted by the employee.

Section I of the I-9 must be completed no later than the first date of employment, and Section II is required within three business days following the first date of employment, by providing acceptable documents. An employee who fails to complete Sections I & II of the Form I-9 within the federally required timeframes, cannot continue employment with the University of South Alabama. Non-compliance by hiring managers is a violation of the federal act and subject to federal fines and disciplinary action. 

I-9 Procedure for Faculty, Staff, and Administrative Employees

I-9 Procedure for Student Employees


Form I-9 Instructions:

Acceptable documents for Form I-9 (page 2):


Questions relating to the I-9 process should be directed to the employee’s Human Resources Office.

▼   Obtaining a Parking Pass

USA Main Campus employees should visit USA Parking Services, Beta/Gamma Commons, 290 Jaguar Blvd. (251)461-1481.

USA Health employees should contact Human Resources at (251) 415-1604..