Daily Crime and Fire Log

The Daily Crime and Fire Log is required by federal law and records criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that occur anywhere in the patrol jurisdiction of the USAPD, on or off University property, that are reported to the USA Police Department. The Log discloses specific information about criminal incidents, not crime statistics, and is designed to disclose the crime information on a timelier basis than the annual statistical disclosures. It also records any fires in the residential facilities. Crimes and residential fires are typically recorded in the order in which they are reported. Only actual fires are recorded; therefore, false alarms, malfunctions or drills are not listed.

Only criminal incidents which generate a case number are listed in the log; therefore, this log is not indicative of all generated reports or calls for service in which no report is generated. Case numbers shown on the log will not always be in sequential order based on several factors, including the fact that case numbers are assigned for various other non-criminal incidents, such as traffic accident reports. Non-criminal incidents, other than fires in the residential facilities, are not required by law to be included in the Log. Also, crime statistics will not match those shown in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report because the crime log is based on Alabama State Law; whereas, the Annual Report is compiled by using the Federal Uniformed Crime Reporting definitions.

Printed copies of the Crime Logs are available for viewing in the front lobby of the USA Police Department at 290 Jaguar Blvd. on the Main Campus and are available 24 hours a day.