Online RT to BSRS Program



The Department of Radiologic Sciences offers Registered Radiographers the opportunity to complete online advanced imaging modality courses in computed tomography (CT) and courses in radiology administration in order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Sciences.

The online computed tomography and radiology administration degree program is designed for:

  • Registered Radiographers without a baccalaureate degree who are searching for an online B.S. in Radiologic Sciences program.
  • Registered Radiographers who have a baccalaureate degree in a major other than Radiologic Sciences, but seek a second baccalaureate degree in Radiologic Sciences that is completely online.

The professional component consists of 1 semester of a bridge course (Summer) and 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) of virtual didactic study in Radiologic Sciences. Students must complete the 6-hour bridge course (RAD 491) before enrolling in the professional component. Upon successful completion of the bridge course, 38 semester hours of upper level credit (i.e. credit for the first professional year of the Radiologic Sciences program) will be awarded for the student’s previous radiography training. Note: The bridge course is offered once each year during the summer semester. Therefore, students should plan to complete the bridge during the summer prior to their enrollment in the fall semester.

Professional Component Hours
Bridge Course - 6 semester hours
Second Professional Year - 26 semester hours

Students completing the didactic component of this track will meet the structured education requirements for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) for computed tomography (CT).  

▼   Application Form
The Online RT to BSRS Program Application Form should be used (for Fall, Spring, or Summer Entry) if you meet the following criteria:
  • You currently hold an associate’s degree in Radiologic Sciences or will complete an accredited program prior to the upcoming Summer term/you are a Registered Radiographer (will need to be able to provide a copy of your ARRT certification).
  • You would like to earn a bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Sciences and take your Radiologic Sciences courses completely online.
    Please note: General Education and Prerequisite courses that are not completed prior to the start of the Radiologic Sciences Bachelor’s program may prolong your graduation date.


▼   Admission Requirements

Admissions Timeline

This schedule represents the admissions timeline in a typical year.

May 1 – Application deadline for Summer Semester entry
July 15 – Application deadline for Fall Semester entry
December 1 – Application deadline for Spring Semester entry

Admission Requirements

  • Apply to the University of South Alabama and indicate desired semester of entry, “Transfer” as the Admit Type, and “Radiologic Sciences” as the planned major. Acceptance to the University does not guarantee admission into the professional component of the Radiologic Sciences program.
  • Submit official college transcripts for all coursework not completed at the University of South Alabama by the application deadline. Transcripts are not required if the coursework has already been transferred to USA. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 ("C" average) on previously completed college-level courses as well as at least a "C" in all math and sciences courses. Applicants’ overall GPA (USA and transfer GPA, if applicable) will be used for admissions purposes.
  • Submit the Online RT to BSRS Application Form to the dept by the application deadline. The completed application form may be mailed OR faxed to the Dept. of Radiologic Sciences Admissions Committee (see below for address and fax number).

Mailing Address

The completed departmental application and forms may be mailed OR faxed to:
Admissions Committee
Department of Radiologic Sciences
HAHN 3015
5721 USA Drive North
Mobile, AL, 36688-0002
Fax: (251) 445-9347

▼   General Education Requirements (Pre-Professional Component)

Students must complete all General Education requirements from the pre-professional component of the program.
Note: General education courses required for a B.S. degree do not have to be completed prior to admission, however, online availability for general education courses will vary each semester and starting the online B.S. in Radiologic Sciences prior to completing general education courses may delay your estimated graduation term. Any outstanding pre-professional general education course requirements must be completed prior to the bachelor’s degree being awarded.

Print Gen Ed Reqs


General Education Requirements

Area Course Hours
I - Written Composition EH 101 3
I - Written Composition EH 102 3
II - Humanities & Fine Arts CA 110 3
II - Humanities & Fine Arts EH 215, EH 216, EH 225, EH 226, EH 235, EH 236 3
II - Humanities & Fine Arts ARH 100, ARH 103, ARH 123, ARS 101, DRA 110, MUL 101 3
II - Humanities & Fine Arts AFR 101, ARH 100, ARH 103, ARH 123, ARH 203, ARS 101, CLA 110, DRA 110, EH 215, EH 216, EH 225, EH 226, EH 235, EH 236, LG 101, LG 102, LG 111, LG 112, LG 121, LG 122, LG 131, LG 132, LG 141, LG 142, LG 151, LG 152, LG 153, LG 171, LG 172, LG 173, LG 201, LG 202, LG 211, LG 212, LG 213, LG 221, LG 222, LG 231, LG 232, LG 234, LG 241, LG 242, LG 251, LG 252, LG 271, LG 272, LG 273, LGS 101, LGS 102, LGS 106, LGS 107, LGS 110, LGS 111, LGS 171, LGS 172, LGS 201, LGS 202, LGS 206, LGS 207, LGS 210, LGS 211, MUL 101, PHL 110, PHL 120, PHL 121, PHL 131, PHL 231, PHL 240, REL 100, REL 200, REL 201 3
III - Natural Sciences & Mathematics MA 112, MA 113, MA 115, MA 120, MA 125, MA 126, MA 227, MA 237, MA 238 3-4
III - Natural Sciences & Mathematics BLY 101 & BLY 101L or BLY 121 & BLY 121L 4
III - Natural Sciences & Mathematics BLY 102 & BLY 102L or BLY 122 & BLY 122L, CH 101 & CH 101L, CH 103 & CH 103L, CH 131 & CH 131L, CH 132 & CH 132L 4
IV - History, Social & Behavioral Sciences PSY 120 3
IV - History, Social & Behavioral Sciences HY 101, HY 102, HY 135, HY 136 3
IV - History, Social & Behavioral Sciences AN 100, AN 101, CA 100, CA 211, ECO 215, ECO 216, GEO 114, GEO 115, GS 101, HY 101, HY 102, HY 135, HY 136, IS 100, IST 201, NAS 101, PSC 130, PSY 250, SY 109, SY 112 6
V - Pre-Professional Required Courses BMD 251, BMD 252 8
V - Pre-Professional Required Courses PH 104, PH 104L, PH 114, PH 114L 4-5
V - Pre-Professional Required Courses BUS 245, ST 210, ST 305 3
Optional General Elective If needed to increase pre-professional component. Optional
  Pre-Professional Component Total 53 up to 60 hrs*

Students must complete a 6 credit hour sequence either in literature (Area II – EH 215 & EH 216, EH 225 & EH 226, or EH 235 & EH 236) or history (Area IV – HY 101 & HY 102 or HY 135 & HY 136)

All undergraduates must complete two designated writing credit (W) courses, at least one of which must be in the student's major or minor.

*Factors that influence required hours include 1) Physics course taken, 2) being exempt from EH 101 based on ACT, 3) whether or not AHP 101 was taken, 4) receiving credit by examination, and 5) if general elective needed to bring total up.

▼   Degree Requirements (Professional Component)

These professional Radiologic Sciences courses are only offered once per academic year.

Print RT to BSRS Reqs


First Semester - Summer

Course No. Course Name Hours
RAD 491 Professional Radiologic Practice 6

Second Professional Year - Fall

Course No. Course Name Hours
RAD 432 Healthcare Human Resource Mgt 3
RAD 433 Healthcare Financial Mgt 3
RAD 428 Computed Tomography Procedures 3
RAD 426 Computed Tomography Physical Principles & QC 3

Second Professional Year - Spring

Course No. Course Name Hours
RAD 496 Radiologic Sciences Research I (W) 1
RAD 435 Healthcare Operations Mgt (W) 3
RAD 430 Healthcare Communication 3
RAD 429 Adv. Sect. Imaging of CT & MRI Path 3

Second Professional Year - Summer

Course No. Course Name Hours
RAD 497 Radiologic Sciences Research II 1
EMS 340 Disaster Mgt. & Event Planning 3

(W) Courses will satisfy the University's Writing Requirement.

▼   Tuition and Expenses


See the latest USA Bulletin to view the USA Tuition and Fee Schedule information.  

Estimated Expenses

  • Books
    Approximately $700-800


▼   Transfer Students

Students may transfer no more than 60 semester hours from a community college.

Transfer Equivalency Tables

USA’s Registrar’s Office has created the Transfer Equivalency Tables which allow students to quickly access an unofficial evaluation of how previous credits will be counted at South. If your institution is not listed, please email a PDF of your unofficial transcript to the Registrar’s Office at Please allow 3-5 business days for the unofficial evaluation to be completed.

Pathway USA

Students from area community colleges may be eligible to participate in South’s Pathway USA program which supports a smooth transition for students transferring to South who have earned an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree from one of our participating schools. Pathway USA Participants will have access to a South Alabama academic advisor throughout their time at their participating community college. Visit Pathway USA for more information.

▼   Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students in this category for those who qualify. Visit USA's Financial Aid department for more information.