Gender Studies Courses


Gender Studies Program Courses 

A variety of core courses can be used to fulfill the Gender Studies minor program requirements.  These courses are offered on a rotational basis.  Additional courses in various departments may be offered each semester as a Special Topics or variable content studies, so please check current semester courses for the most up to date course offerings.
For course approval and advising, please contact the Director of Gender Studies




GS 101 Introduction to Gender Studies  

GS 390 #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and Beyond

ARH 480 Women in Art

EDF 315 Living, Working, and Education in a Diverse Society 

EDF 400 Global Issues 

EH 478 Film

HSC 400 Gender Discrimination and Healthcare Inequity 

IST 320 Cultural Competency 

PSY 270 Psychology of Black Experience 

SY 418 Advanced Family Studies

SY 220 Marriage and the Family 

SY 428 Gender and Society