Mahan-Brandon Research Fund



The USA Gender Studies Program is pleased to announce a funding opportunity open to tenured and tenure-track faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences, undergraduate students majoring in the Arts & Sciences, and graduate students in the Arts & Sciences.

This fund was established by the late Dr. Howard Mahan, founding chair of the USA History Department and his wife, Dr. Betty Brandon, Professor Emerita of History at USA, as well as the USA Foundation which matched their gift. The generosity of Dr. Mahan and Dr. Brandon, and the USA Foundation will allow faculty and students in the College of Arts & Sciences to gain additional support for their endeavors in the fields of Gender Studies and Women's History.

Awards will be determined through a competitive process of proposal submission and evaluated by the Gender Studies Committee, an interdisciplinary A&S committee. Potential funding activities include but are not limited to: research travel, professional development travel, research material, assistance with research, equipment, copyright and image costs, and attending a conference or other professional opportunity related to gender and/or women’s history.

For further information, please contact Dr. Claire Cage, Director of Gender Studies:

The 2023-24 deadline for proposals is January 10.


Award Winners
Lesley Gregoricka, Gender Dynamics during the Transition to Agriculture in the Bronze Age Levant
Corina Schulze, The Rape Myth Pilot Study
Christina Lindeman, Representing Duchess Anna Amalia’s Bildung
Becky McLaughlin, “Wild” Analysis and the Symptomatic Storyteller: Lacan avec Chaucer avec (the) Moi
Justin St. Clair, Mary Holland: A Recuperative History
Hosik Min, Why Women Exercise Less than Men? A Multilevel Approach
Megan McDowell, Gender and Japan during World War II
Lesley Gregoricka, Engendered Mortuary Practices in Bronze Age Arabia
Claire Cage, Gender and Legal Medicine in Nineteenth-Century France
Delwar Hossain, The Role of Communication in Women Empowerment and Social-economic Development in Bangladesh
Micaela Walley, Novel writing in Rome
Sarah Koon-Magnin, Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) in the Southeastern U.S.

Kyle Brasil, Testing Measurement Invariance of Measures of Masculinity Ideologies between Rural and Collegiate Populations
Lesley Gregoricka, Articulated women in commingled tombs from Early Bronze Age Arabia 
Hosik Min, The Changes of Social Network Relations by Gender and The Effect of Social Networks on Health: General Social Survey in 1985 and 2002

Lesley Gregoricka, Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change on Patterns of Interpersonal Violence
Jennifer Barinas, Exploring the Effect of Masculinity, Healthcare Expectations, and Racial Identity on Intentions to Seek Healthcare Among African American Men
Callie Mims, Body Ideals and Dissatisfaction: Assessing the Impact of BMI and Gender Role Discrepancy Stress in a Moderated Mediation Model
Kyle Brasil and Hannah Hinkel, Conformity to male role norms and health behaviors: The moderating roles of meaning and religiousness


Elizabeth Rivenbark, Image Rights Fees for Forthcoming Article: “Shades of Gray: The Postmodern Portraits of Romaine Brooks and the Slippage of Gender Representation”
Sarah Salcone and Kyle Brasil, Spiritual struggles and gender: Exploring differences in types of spiritual struggle, mental health, and the mediating role of traditional masculine ideologies
Nanako Hawley, Sex Differences in the rate of Decline in Activities of Daily Living in Individuals Diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease
Tiffany Beasley, Transatlantic Connections: Women and Industrial Art Schools of the Arts & Crafts Movement (1850-1920)