Gender Studies Undergraduate Minor

The Gender Studies Program offers a minor in the interdisciplinary study of contemporary and historical gender theory and gender issues on a global level. The program allows students to acquire depth of knowledge in specific areas related to issues of gender and gender theory, as well as a wide range of research skills and methodologies from across the disciplines. The program offers courses from over ten departments in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as service learning and community internship opportunities.

Gender Studies deepens students' understanding of areas of study such as historical/cultural constructions of femininity and masculinity and their representations; sexuality; feminist theory; LGBT studies; male and female physiology; gender and health, business and politics; and the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, class, and sexuality.

The Gender Studies Program encourages students to become actively engaged in gender-focused research and its practical applications, and provides numerous opportunities for students to interact with faculty members to discuss their current research.

For those students wishing to complete a minor in Gender Studies, the following program requirements must be met:


  1. Students minoring in Gender Studies must complete a total of 18 semester
    hours in approved courses.
  2. Students are required to complete two courses in any discipline in Group 1 and two courses in any discipline in Group 2. Group 1 disciplines are: African-American Studies, Art History, Communication, English, Foreign Languages, and History. Group 2 disciplines are: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology..
  3. Minor courses must also represent four different disciplines.
  4. Approved Variable and Special Topics Courses that focus on gender studies
    can also be taken to complete the 18 semester hour requirement. For information on upcoming variable and special topics courses, consult the Director.
  5. GS 101 Introduction to Gender Studies.
  6. One 400 level course with a focus on gender studies. This can be a GS course (i.e. GS 492) or an approved course in another discipline.

For course approval and advising, please contact the Director of Gender Studies.

Please click on Courses for specific Gender Studies course offerings.

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