Russian is a concentration option for students at the University of South Alabama pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages. Students can also choose Russian as a minor. With more than 155 million native speakers, Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world and is listed as an official language in eight countries. Russian is a rich language with a great and well-known literary history. Writers such as Chekhov, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy have not only shaped Russian culture, but are world renowned for their works.

Careers in Russian

Russian is an important language globally. The U.S. government has listed Russian as a critical language, and Russian speakers are in high demand in both U.S. military and civilian agencies. The 21st century has seen Russia grow into a major player in both economics and politics, and the country has become a global competitor in the fields of energy and technology. The need for Russian specialists and professionals with knowledge of the Russian language and culture will continue to grow.

Russian has been taught at the University of South Alabama for more than two decades, and alumni have gone on to graduate programs, work in international companies, serve as military attaches, work as area experts in the U.S. government, and receive positions in academia.

Study Abroad

South students travel to Russia every odd-numbered year. Anyone interested in studying abroad in Russia should contact and see the program page here.

Department of Education UISFL Grant

The USA International Studies program was awarded the UISFL Grant from the Department of Education. The Russian program at South was a major part of this grant, and funds received from this grant will benefit students taking Russian. Funds will be used to provide study abroad scholarships, develop area studies courses in Art History and History, expand Russian language course offerings, work with local schools offering Russian, and bring in speakers who will give lectures on various topics related to Russia and utilizing Russian language skills in their careers.